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It is About You!

Your know your business and we know the Internet.  We get our thrills by helping our clients achieve measurable business results using the internet.  Below is a list of services we offer which are intended to help your business grow, gain competitive advantage, reduce costs or just improve the way you communicate.  Don't underestimate the economic impact of good communication.

Web Site Development

Despite popular opinion, web site development is not a commodity service.  Four distinct skills are needed for effective web site design and development: design, programming, database analysis and business analysis.  Most often, business analysis gets overlooked.  We will conduct an analysis of your business to understand your business needs in a web site and we'll recommend a web site solution that addresses those needs and meets your budget. 

Search Engine Optimization

Remember the Field of Dreams - build it and they will come?  Yeah right!  Many companies have launched web sites but no one came.  This is because the web site development project lacked a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) plan.  SEO requires trained expertise to get results.   It's harder than ever today to get positioned high in search engines for two reasons: 1) there are more web sites competing for your traffic than ever before, 2) search engines have become more stringent in their rules - you either play by them or you don't rank.  We know the search engine marketing rules, so you get the results you want.

E-Mail Marketing

The verdict is in, e-mail is the number one application on the Internet!  That's no surprise.  But, how can you rise above the noise?  Talk to us about an email marketing plan using double opted-in lists.   We can design the email campaign for you.........Or, you can license our Email Marketing System and do it yourself.  You'll be surprised how easy and cost effective email marketing actually is. 

Online Presentations

One of the fastest growing areas on the Internet is the delivery of online presentations.  Laser Marketing offers you two ways to deliver presentations via the Internet.  iPresenter is a market leading platform used to deliver rich media PowerPoint presentations recorded by you via the Internet.  You can attach digital brochures, surveys and even keep track of your viewers.  You have to see it to understand the true power of this presentation tool.  View this example.  Meeting Visuals provides a market-leading platform when your online presentation must be delivered to a live audience.  You can conduct live meetings and presentations via the Internet using Meeting Visuals.


Do you have ongoing training needs for employees, sales channels, customers, suppliers, etc?  Our E-Learning System is an easy to use web-based learning system.  You can set up courses, learners, coaches, assessments and manage it all via the web.  And, it's surprisingly affordable.  Visit this page for more details.


Hosting requirements vary from one company to the next.  Laser Marketing offers hosting plans that range from the simplest of web site hosting requirements, to enterprise-level and highly secure hosting known as "Five 9's." 

E-Commerce Management 

Does your business sell products or services that could be sold on the Internet?  If you're not sure, contact us to explore the possibilities.  Our e-commerce systems range from small business to enterprise level systems with ERP integration.


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