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We Hear These Questions Often


How good are your web site development resources?

We have access to a global infrastructure of internet application development technology centers.  Each one is a professional service provider for web site development using a standardized library of modular technology and consistent methodology.  Our methodology includes pre-determined steps, with specific criteria and guidelines to follow.  We provide our technology centers a comprehensive "blue print" of the web site to be developed.  In non-tech terms, we're all speaking the same launguage and adhering to the same high standards.  Our network of technology centers has delivered thousands of web sites since 1995.

What's the difference between a $2,000 and a $10,000 web site?

$8,000 ;-)   Seriously, the factors that drive the price (we hope you consider it an investment in your business) are mostly driven by the amount of professional labor and expertise required to deliver your solution.  The most common factors include the extent of database analysis and design, unique creative graphics design, the use of flash or GIF animation, video, private password-protected intranets, web-boards, shopping cart, third party integration, database reporting, calendars, banner advertising and other custom features.  This is just a partial list, but the point is the more features required, the more professional labor is required, and you know the ole saying - time is money.  In the end, our fees are fair.  We're not the lowest, and we're not the highest.  You get a quality e-business solution.

Is Search Engine Marketing new?

No way!  People have been submitting web sites to search engines for many years. The difference is that search engine marketing has become a sophisticated science (not an art).  Search engines have become more stringent with their rules.  Once upon a time, savvy web developers could "trick" search engines into high rankings.  Now, search engine technical staff develop powerful algorithms designed to recognize and reward web sites that follow industry practice and guidelines.  The rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn't do it to satisfy a user, don't do it to satisfy a search engine.  Search engine optimization has become rocket science.  Only trained search engine optimization experts can truly deliver the results that matter.

Is Search Engine Optimization expensive?

A little.....But, it's very cost effective.  Consider this.  When you place an advertisement in a magazine how may eyeballs see your ad that are not in your target market looking for your products or services?  When someone finds you in a search engine they were looking for your products or services!  It's highly targeted marketing!  What is that worth to you?  Search engine marketing expertise is a learned skill which warrants a respectable investment and pays great dividends.

Do you guarantee results with your Search Engine Optimization plans?

Beware of the get-rich-quick scheme offering guaranteed results!  Our track record speaks for itself.  Our clients enjoy exceptional rankings in search engines and they get results.  One of the many reasons we won't guarantee rankings is because the content on your web site plays a critical role in your rankings.  If you change your content, that will potentially affect your search engine results.  There are other reasons, but the bottom line is we're much like a proven financial planner who says "past results are no guarantee of future performance", but "look at our track record." 

Can we track our online presentations?

Absolutetly!  One of the greatest benefits of online presentations is tracking the results.  You can see who viewed your presentation, the exact date, time and the duration of their view.

Can we conduct surveys with online presentations?

Yes.  iPresenter offers a "survey" and a "quiz" feature.  Each one allows you to type a question and offer multiple choice responses.  In the Survey feature, there is no incorrect answer since you are conducting a survey.  In the Quiz feature, you will designate the correct answer.  In either one, you have the option of displaying the results to your audience or keeping the results private.

Can we deliver video with online presentations?

We don't offer video as a standard feature with iPresenter.  It is available, in another service offering.  Contact us to discuss your video requirements.

I thought all hosting is the same?

Hosting is a mysterious subject to many business people.   Hosting simplified is managing your web based application on a computer that is connected to the internet.  The simplicity ends there.  There are a myriad of factors which determine the type of hosting solution which best suits your needs.   Some of the factors include whether your hosting server will be "shared" or "dedicated", the amount of bandwidth you need in order to provide acceptable access to your users, the type of database you need (based on your application requirements), your statistical reporting requirements, and many other factors.  Hosting fees range from $50 per month to thousands per month.  With a range that wide, the factors are many and they all depend on the business solutions you are delivering via the Internet.



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