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Web Site Development

OssaTron Services provides a professional service for physicians who treat heel and elbow injuries.  The OssaTron device is state-of-the art equipment which requires meticulous explanation to physicians and patients.  The web site includes a video clip which shows how the device works.  The web site is entirely editable by OssaTron staff so as important updates occur, they can easily be reflected on the web site.

Search Engine Optimization

Sunbase North America provides brokerage services in the tropical fruit industry.  Their clients are located around the globe.  When they launched their web site: they wanted to spread the word about their expertise.  Now, their web site ranks high in search engines when searching for tropical fruit suppliers.  The result is they are developing new business opportunities via their web site.

Online Presentations

A market-leading software company (whose name is protected for competitive reasons) has developed an iPresentation to train their sales channel.  The presentation is approximately is 20 minutes in length.  The presentation carefully explains product features, competitive advantages, pricing strategies and selling strategies.  This presentation is delivered via email to an extensive network of resellers who willingly view the entire presentation at their leisure.  The anywhere/anytime availability of this presentation with voice and file attachments, makes it a very cost effective marketing tool for this successful software company.

E-Commerce Managment

Signature Woods is a global supplier of laser-engraved gift wood products.  In 2002 they launched their e-store through  This online store offers laser-engraved wood gifts for corporate buyers of special gifts.   By combining search engine optimization and a powerful e-commerce system, Signature Woods can reach the corporate buyer looking for a special gift for key employees, clients and other important people in their value chain.

E-Mail Marketing

A market leading provider of human resource capital management services (whose name is witheld for competitive reasons) replaced an email marketing system with Mail Manager after a detailed evaluation was conducted.  The conclusion of the evaluation proved their extensive email marketing needs would be met more effectively using this comprehensive tool.


Hosting is a critical component to any web-based application, whether it's a simple brochure web site or a large, complex business application supporting thousands of users.  Likewise, hosting solutions vary in order to meet the spectrum of needs.   We offer small business hosting solutions for small web sites, and through our strategic alliance with E Solutions, we offer high availability hosting with 99.999% guaranteed uptime (known as five nines). 



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