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Deliver Web Presentations via the Internet Anytime - Anywhere

The Internet is a global communication platform.  It crosses all geographic boundaries and timezones.  You can leverage these efficiencies by delivering streaming web PowerPoint presentations for sales, marketing and training applications.   Web presentations are easy and cost effective.  Lower your cost of sales, improve customer communication, hold events with large audiences, make major announcements and train remote staff cost effectively using web presentations with any content including video or flash content.  Web presentations and web conferencing can benefit companies of all sizes.

Laser Marketing offers you two efficient methods for delivery of web presentations and web conferencing meetings:

  • iPresenter - record and deliver voice-enabled PowerPoint presentations viewable by your audience on-demand anytime.
  • Meeting Visuals - conduct live web seminars and meetings for an audience of any size (powered by Webex).
What Our Clients Say About Web Presentations

"We at ASI Building Products are now marketing Alcoa Home Exteriors to architects.  One of our new lead generation strategies is using high level email product web presentations to our architect database.  In fact, the very first mailing we sent out we received enough new leads to justify our investment!  We're excited about this new technology and plan to continue sending out web based sales presentations for an effective lead generation program."

Cookie Brinkman, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ASI Building Products

"iPresenter allows us to reach our reseller sales channel very efficiently.  We use it not only as a tool to train our current partners with product information and updates, but also as a means to recruit new resellers.  iPresenter is proving to be a very cost effective sales & marketing tool for us."
Pat Hardee, Director of N.A. Channel, NetIQ Corporation

“We deliver a sales overview of our business telephone products via a web presentation accessed from our web site.  It is very informative and productive because people can view it at their leisure, and the detailed tracking and reporting allows us to capture valuable sales leads”.
Warren Potenberg, National Sales Director, TeleMatrix 

Sample Web Presentations:

Click here for:

Sample PowerPoint Web Presentation

Click here for:

Sample Video Web Presentation

iPresenter System requirements click here.

Consider These Applications for iPresenter: 

  • Sales Presentations
    • standardize your sales presentation
    • deliver it by your best presenter
  • Product Overviews
    • deliver a unified message about your product
    • deliver it by your best (most knowledgeable) presenter
  • Training
    • sales training
    • new hire training
  • Message from the President
    • welcome new employees
    • periodic updates to the staff
  • Lead Tracking
    • Receive instant email notices when someone views your presentation
    • View detailed reports of your presentation viewings, Surveys and Quizzes
  • Lead Generation
    • warm up your prospects before a sales person calls
    • deliver a uniform message from HQ
  • Online Surveys
    • poll your customers with survey questions
    • collect valuable information to make informed decisions

Laser Marketing can develop custom PowerPoint presentations tailored to meet your demanding needs.  This service is ideal for executives, standardized corporate sales presentations, fundraising or other significant events that warrant a professionally developed presentation.

Meeting Visuals - Consider These Applications (more info here)

  • Weekly Sales Meetings
    • live meetings with remote sales staff
  • Weekly Staff Meetings
    • live meetings with remote managers around the globe
  • Training Events
    • train employees without expensive travel
  • Sales Presentations
    • combine local sales staff with headquarters staff in a live web cast

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